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How Do You Nurture The Talent Of Tomorrow?


We all know how difficult it is to get your first job and start building your Curriculum Vitae (also known as a C.V – that’s resume for everyone across the pond), thus atLarge, Inc. is dedicated to helping the bright, young students around us. We are committed to nurturing talent and giving people a helping [...]

Introducing The New Sun Hydraulics

Sun Hydraulics

When you think of hydraulics, manifolds, electronics and cables, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s the everyday use of these products in your life, because chances are, by the time you step out of the house in the morning, and back again in the evening, you will have taken advantage of a countless number of [...]

TedxManasota, An atLarger’s Perspective


Watching Bill and Melinda Gates talk about philanthropy in a live interview is pretty cool. But, you know what’s much, much cooler? Watching Bill talk about spending Warren Buffet’s billions (in the name of do-gooding, of course), during a livestreamed TED Conference out of Vancouver, on a wow-that’s-big inflatable projector looming over downtown Sarasota, at [...]

Teaching Code To Children: Our Point Of View

Coding Future

As digital begins to play an ever more important role in our lives, government initiatives across the UK and US have been focused on enhancing the appeal of coding to younger generations, with the UK government introducing coding to the national curriculum in September 2014. We posed the following question to the atLarge engineering team, [...]

Why Some Marketers May Never Truly Engage A Customer

Service Designing

Every day you compete with expert marketers who vie for a moment with your customers, and like a digital Royal Rumble, you desperately try to get an advantage over them. Your arsenal? Agile content, financial offers and viral communications. It’s a social media free-for-all where your message can be shared by thousands or read by [...]

How To Create A Great Interactive Design Team


It’s a passion for the atLarge team to create digital narratives that can shape our industry and that of our brand partners. It’s our goal to create groundbreaking designs that won’t just look beautiful, but will bring continual brand value. But, here’s the thing, this level of ingenuity can only be achieved by sourcing the [...]

Why CES = YES; Global Innovation Takes The Stage.

If you even have just a tiny toe dipped into the tech world, then you’ve spent the last few days inundated with the all of the buzz surrounding CES. Between your mobile news app, your Facebook feed, your gadget-loving best friend, and The Today Show, it seems likely that CES could be the one phrase [...]

Meet Jason, atLarge Engineer

Jason atLarge

We have rules around interacting with our Engineers here in atLarge. Most notably, making sure we don’t start nattering about trivial stuff whilst they are deep in concentration. Especially if they are deep in concentration. See, our Engineers are always dedicated towards creating the perfect digital environment for our client web projects. Whether it is [...]

IMG Seeks Digital Marketing Manager

One of our longest standing partners, IMG, is seeking a Digital Marketing Manager to drive their interactive marketing strategies.  This is a fantastic opportunity to work in a challenging, motivating, learning environment, one which fosters leadership as well as collaboration. IMG Academy, the world leader in academics and athletics, has always been dedicated to helping [...]

A Digital Journey With The National Football Museum


                  In celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the Football League, atLargers Josh and Vimla descended upon a digital journey through football (or “soccer,” to our friends across the pond) at Manchester’s National Football Museum (NFM). Our digital journey began by scoping out the museum’s website and [...]