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In Case You Missed ‘Em: Our 2012 Blog Highlights

2012 blogs In Case You Missed Em: Our 2012 Blog Highlights

Life moves fast, and even faster on the Internet. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to read an entire blog post. We understand, and that’s why we’re recapping our favorite blog posts from 2012 right here.

Interactive Design Lingo Revealed

Does design talk leave you in a fog? Emily, aka the nicest New Yorker you ever met, guides you through designer jargon to help you avoid the pitfalls. Hold onto your wireframes!

Responsive and Adaptive Web Design

How often do you hit a website that’s jacked up because it’s not compatible with your browser, smartphone, or tablet? We’ve all been there. These snags may be a thing of the past if adaptive design gets its way. That’s because websites adapt to the devices and browsers that visitors are using. Read all about it.

Score Infectious Marketing Prometheus Style

Remember that movie Prometheus? It had one of the best interactive campaigns we’ve ever seen. We break down why it works and what you can steal for your own marketing.

Get More Bang for Your Media Dollar with Remarketing

Want another chance with shoppers that abandoned their cart on your website? Check out this blog for tips to tap these would-be purchasers with a remarketing campaign.

Top 10 Secrets to Social Media Stardom

Think you know the Top 10 Secrets to Social Media Marketing Success? Take a look at the ones we shared in our ShelterBox USA conference session “How You + Social Media = Engaged Supporters.”

Storytelling Tips from Roy Peter Clark & ShelterBox

Learn the secrets of effective storytelling from author and writing coach Roy Peter Clark and the ShelterBox US annual conference.

Double the Pixels, Double the Fun: Coding for High-Resolution Devices

What’s the secret to making a gorgeous website look its best on any device? Our persnickety programmer Frederick shares his latest interface masterpiece and the secret of coding image assets for high-resolution devices.

Do What You Love for a Living: Artists & E-Commerce

With the right e-commerce platform, you really can turn what you love to do into what you do for a living. We reviewed the pros and cons of three common options: a blog, an affiliate site, and your own website. Which one is right for you?

How Google Analytics Helps Solve Your Website’s Mysteries

Data detective Steven Ashford is on the case to solve your website traffic mysteries. With the help of his trusty Google Analytics, Steven shows you how to answer some of your business’ pressing web traffic questions. Who is your audience? Where are they located? And what exactly do they do once they land on your homepage?

Devin’s Big Blog on the B.I.G.* Summit

We sent our intrepid reporter and client partner extraordinaire Devin to the B.I.G*. Summit on November 8th. She brought back stories of entrepreneurial growth, insight and discovery…and the names of the 2012 B.I.G*. Awards winners.

Social Media Thanksgiving

Social media plays an important role in how we share our holidays messages. What might it have been like if social media had existed at the first Thanksgiving? We give you our version, plus a few tips for Thanksgiving social media marketing.

User Experience and The Arts

Can art and marketing live in harmony? Absolutely, when interactive marketing becomes part of the performance or exhibit, and works to create a captivating experience for the user from beginning to end.

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