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3 Tips To Improve Your Google AdWords Campaign

If you subscribe to the atLarge newsletter, you already know our Google "Ad Man" Steven Ashford shared a few tricks to sharpen your AdWords campaigns. (And if you don't subscribe to the newsletter, why the heck not?) We asked Steven to give you a little more detail on the tips that will turn your campaigns into conversions. 

If you don’t already have one, get a Google AdWords account. You can get started for as little as $10 a day. Setting up a campaign is a snap. 

Try testing multiple ad variations. Keep a close eye on your metrics and see which ad variation is performing better. Eliminate the ad with the lowest performance and dedicate your budget to the higher performing variation. This is a process called “split-testing.” Once you identify the best ad, make a slight variation and split test again. This is the best way to continually refine your ads and insure you’re getting the most clicks for the budget.

Try local search. More and more advertisers are turning to local search as a way of drumming up more foot traffic. Users are constantly searching on the go. Google Adwords will allow advertisers to target down to the ZIP code. You can include a “click-to-call” phone number in your ad. Try using a separate phone line to track the effectiveness of your local advertisements.

Update your landing page. Great ad creative is only half of the battle. Advertisers must continue to engage visitors once they land on the site. Make sure you have a clear “call to action” and a noticeable “conversion.” This conversion could be a download, a form fill, or a purchase. Just make sure there is no confusion as to what you want the visitor to do once they’re on your page. If your ad isn’t misleading, you should start to see conversions coming in!

Interested in starting your own Google AdWords campaign and want some help from the best? Email us with the subject line “Steven’s media magic,” or anything that lets us know what you’re looking for.