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5 for Friday: Desk Snoop

Ever wondered what our desks look like when we're not around? Wonder no more! This week's 5 for Friday puts you behind 5 atLarge desks. Go ahead yank our drawers (blush), sit in our chairs (ommm), and scope out our desk accessories (hmmm).



Adam's Work Space

May the force be with you. What's that glowing green light you ask? It's a SPÖKA better known as a night light. Adam swears it calms him down when he's in the throws of a deadline. You can get your own SPÖKA night light at IKEA for under 15 bucks.



Danny's Work Space

Clean, lean, and mean… kinda like his hair. It's always in place and ready for business.  



Nathan's Work Space

Can you say art direction? Wait a second--is Dexter's picture is in front of Camille's?




Amanda's Work Space

Surprisingly devoid of sticky notes... but not Danny's chair. 



Corey's Work Space 

Ahhh, there's nothing like Antarctica on a balmy August day in Sarasota or an army of action heroes ready to assist with your greatest programming challenges. 

You can see more atLarge photos of our home away from home in the Who We Are section of our website. You can also jazz up your workspace with ideas from Smashing Magazine's Creative Workspaces.

We'd love to see your workspace! Throw your pics on the atLarge Facebook page.

And as always, if you have ideas for the next 5 for Friday--toss them right here!