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8 Tools to Measure Your Social Media Relevance

If it didn't happen on Facebook, it didn't happen. These days social media is where it's at with 22% of our online time devoted exclusively to being social and 75% of U.S households using social networking. But just because you're socializing, doesn't mean you're relevant. How do you measure your company’s relevance in the social network circuits? Here are 8 social media measuring tools that will give you insight into how you're doing.

Social Mention- Wanna know who’s talking smack? Social Mention is the place to go. Just type in your business, campaign or whatever your heart's desire, and see if your brand is making social media waves. Also find out if you're generating a positive or negative buzz by looking at your sentiment.
Formulists- Want your tweets to have a type A personality? Organize them with Formulists.  Make engaging with your followers easy by using lists and categories.
Tweet Reach- How far are your tweets going? TweetReach takes all the guess work out and gives you twitterific stats. If you get the Pro version (for a monthly fee) TweetReach will up the anti and let you track multiple topics and campaigns.
Klout- Are you cool? What’s your klout?  See what kind of influence your company is making across social media land. Klout is rated from 1-100. The higher your score, the bigger your influence on your audience. 
Radian6- Radian6 is the mother of social media monitoring. For some, it also costs a mother with pricing starting at $600 a month. If your biz’s social media strategy is to engage every employee to participate in conversations and posts--this is your ticket. Radian6 has a fully integrated dashboard for every computer in your company. It goes deep into analytics to track your influence on every social network you can imagine. 
Argyle Social- Argyle Social tells it like it is. No fluff or BS here, just straight up ROI metrics. They're known for having a big heart when it comes to their customer service skills.
CoTweet- With brands like Whole Foods, Coca Cola and Delta under their belt, CoTweet is making a big social media splash. Don’t be intimidated though, CoTweet is great for businesses large and small. With one central point for everything, it makes it easy to engage with your audience, create and track social media campaigns and also see how your social media plan measures up with your metrics. One of the added benefits of using CoTweet is their partnership with ExactTarget. Have your cake and eat it too by integrating your email marketing into one central location.
Trackur- When you have an online reputation management expert like Andy Beal as the founder of Trackur you know that this tool has gotta be good! Be the epitome of a truly transparent company. Trackur does not skimp out on you either. Receive up to date results throughout all mediums of social media.  

New social media tools arrive on the scene all the time. So how do you decide which one is right for you? First, make a list of your needs and nice-to-haves so you don’t choose a tool with all the bells and whistles that lacks your basic necessities.

 A social CRM that you're paying for should at least have:

A url shortener for publishing
A mobile platform for updates when you’re on the go
Reporting so you can determine which posts and themes are working (bonus points if you can customize and export the reports)
Multiple social mediums like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ 
Keyword monitoring
Shared accounts so multiple team members can collaborate
Options for pre-scheduling updates

Well there you have it--8 social media tools to spy your social media relevance plus tips on how to choose the right tools. Did we miss a tool you can't live without? Add it to the mix by leaving your comment. And, if you're keen on personal development and social media tips--follow me on Twitter. While you're at it--check out our posts on all things digital marketing on our atLarge twitter and facebook profiles.