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Behance Creatives Get a Professional Edge

Creatives rejoice! Design network has teamed up with professional network to allow members of the former to post their online portfolios on the latter. For artists looking for more internet exposure, this is a big deal. As the go-to business network, LinkedIn has 70+ million members and attracts hundreds of millions of nonmember clicks per day—meanwhile, Behance boasts 26 million pages views per month, not including hits from partner sites like,, (the professional association for design), and (the Art Directors Club). That’s a lot of eyes on your work. So here’s how you can take advantage…

How it Works

The process is relatively simple once you become a member of each site—both are free, though you have to apply to become a Behance “Creative Professional”. Once this feat is accomplished, Upload your portfolio onto the Behance site (unlimited media uploads, take a tour here) Add the “Creative Portfolio Display” App to your LinkedIn profile Choose which projects you want to display (aka, your entire portfolio, or a smaller selection) Sleep better at night knowing visitors to your LinkedIn profile don’t have to be bothered with an external link to your artistic prowess It’s quite the win-win—creatives don’t have to resort to Plain Jane resumes, while Behance now has access to a much larger pool of professionals looking to showcase their versatility. Furthermore, the added security provided by LinkedIn is a blessing for those artists previously forced to post their portfolios on more open social networking sites like Facebook.

More Resources

Ahead of the game and already signed up? If so, you might want to check out Behance’s “Creative People on LinkedIn” group—it’s a great way to discover which of your Behance peers have also jumped on the bandwagon, not to mention another place to post a blurb about yourself. If, however, you are behind the game and need help creating a design portfolio to post, click on the below links for some tips and examples: Mashable's HOW-TO: Score a Design Job Mashable's 10 Fantastic Places for Finding Designers Online Smashing Magazine's 10 Steps to the Perfect Portfolio Website's 35 Portfolio Websites that are Sure to Inspire Coroflot's Design Portfolio Tips