One of the most recognizable brands in the world wants a scalable, geolocated solution to grow ticket sales, what do you do?

Design / Application Development / Geolocation Services / Multi-Lingual & Multi-National Scalability / Managed Services/ Technical Consulting
Disney on Ice Logo

We make it happen. We set out to create a scalable, geolocated website solution. Across every user’s location, the site now presents the nearest show in the language they speak.

Creating any website at scale is a challenge. But more than that, we took on Disney’s challenge of scaling a website for 42 countries across 50 languages with a content management system that seamlessly integrates with an existing database of dynamic show information. That’s what gets us out of bed.

The Disney on Ice website was developed with one goal in mind: personalize the user experience to drive ticket sales. So that’s what we did!

+14% Site Conversions

Big increase from small changes.

42 Countries

And over 50 Languages!

-30% Reduced Pageviews

Simple UI = Happy Users!