Business Development
How OKRs Defined our Goals

New brand, new look, and new objectives. ATLARGE has taken on the management foundation of Objectives and Key Results (OKR). As part of our organization’s transition from a market disruptor... Read More

Photo Album
Small World.

As soon as I started working at atLarge I felt that I had found my people, my family. The culture here is open, always evolving, and if you look down... Read More

How to create a serverless API using AWS API Gateway, Lambda, and DynamoDB

If you can't tell, ATLARGE's blog is a series of contributions from our entire staff in a (somewhat) synchronous fashion. When my name was called I tried to think of... Read More

Wireframe Sketches
Top 5 Things Designers Can Do to Impress Their Manager

I’ve been a professional designer for 13 years now and one of my favorite parts about being in this industry is being on a team. After leading a group of... Read More

Computer Coding
How a Drupal Module Connected Multiple Sites for an International Brand

When atLarge starts work with a new client, we aim to learn and discover what’s most important to their business and how we can help in these areas, even if... Read More

person holding a light bulb
The Keys to Brand- Driven Storytelling.

Telling a story often gives insight into something private or personal. Stories, anecdotes, opinions, and beliefs all combine to unearth a personality and cultivate a connection. This is especially true... Read More

woman being filmed
Finding the Story.

Content marketing is an art form that changes every day.According to Cisco, by 2019, 80% of the world’s Internet traffic will be video.But successful content marketing isn't just about hearing... Read More

Shelf of awards
Award-Winning Work.

Our mission is to solve meaningful business challenges. Ask any atLarger, and he or she will be able to recite it to you. It’s ingrained in our minds and present... Read More