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3 Reasons Your Company Needs a Twitter Account

With over 300 million users, Twitter is still one of the most popular social media channels. Part customer service, part content marketing and part promotional channel, Twitter has a lot to offer brands. But with so much potential in a tweet, many companies still lack a clear strategy for the platform. This often leads to recycling content from other channels, or worse, an abandoned profile. 

Not convinced your company should have a Twitter strategy? Here's 3 reasons worth tweeting about: 

Twitter is made for mobile.  

Your audience is on the move, both physically and mentally. Twitter is made for the modern, mobile audience, with pithy updates served up in a simple, streamlined feed that's easy to scroll through. It's also immediate, which makes it great for publishing real-time content, updates and alerts. 

Good or bad, your audience turns to Twitter. 

The immediacy of Twitter is a great opportunity for awesome relationship marketing. Whether your company has a Twitter account or not, people can hashtag your brand's name to talk about it. This can be a positive, a customer might rave about your new product or great service, or it can be be negative. 

JetBlue's @JetBlue takes customer engagement and service to a whole new level. Its social media team is famous for engaging customers in a fun and clever voice, even delighting them with obscure pop culture references. But it also takes customer service seriously, initiating fast and effective solutions (or a welcome parade) by coordinating with representatives on the ground.  

Incidentally, that engagement has a dollar value for JetBlue. Airline passengers are willing to spend more on a ticket if they've Tweeted an airline and received a response. 

If your company isn't on Twitter, it may be missing these moments of potential awesomeness. It may also be missing questions, criticisms or requests for help from your customers, and that is a huge missed opportunity. It's simple, really: You cannot influence what people say about you if you don't know what they're saying. 

Hashtags can help you reach new customers. 

If you're new to social media, you may not be entirely certain what a hasthag actually does. Simply put, a hashtag is a content identifier. You can search the hashtag #PancakeDay and see what everyone has been saying about this obscure, but delicious, holiday. Join the conversation by including popular hashtags in your tweets, just make sure it makes sense for your brand to do so. And most important, be sure to check why a hashtag is trending before you use it.  

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