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atLarger Spotlight: Brittany

Meet Brittany. (Hi, Brittany!) She makes all of your wildest UX dreams come true.

A Bit About Her

Brittany is an adventurer, hard worker and creative thinker. At the young age of 17, she started working in California, flying across the country all by herself to stay for months at a time. From there, she started working all kinds of different jobs, including one of her favorites: working in a bike shop. (Brittany’s basically a human pocket knife - a jack of all trades.)

Brittany’s love for adventures and the outdoors led her to the ultimate project - building her own life with her fiance/best friend. A bus converted into a tiny house on wheels. The perfect home for Brittany, her fiance and their two dogs, Juno and Koda.

A tiny house on wheels? That sounds cool! You’re right. It is. Check it out here.

Favorite Project

Brittany’s favorite professional project to date is the work she did with Sarasota Military Academy. She loved working with the kids and learning how she could help them in their community.


Breaking Bad
The Office
The outdoors
Farmers markets
Bike riding
Chill people



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