It’s that time of year again, the difficult time at ATLARGE where everyone scratches their brains and thinks about...What will I write for my blog post? After I started at ATLARGE, there came the day when Nicole sat me down and said “Samo, you’re going to be writing a blog.”

Me? What?! What did I have to write about? I write posts every day for social media, ads, and campaigns, I write creatively for multitudes of personal projects, I should just be able to spin up something about my experience in the business, right?! 

I’ve got multitudes to write about, perhaps too much to write about. Growing up in Japan, NJ, and Singapore, moving to FL, and then attending college and living and working in NYC, there are many experiences I could tie into my post, from past work experience and life experience. 

Why is it so difficult? I grew up writing blogs. Livejournal blogs, blogger, blogspot, I was very actively writing many blog posts per day. Poems, anecdotes, haikus, stories, all for the personal enjoyment of my 11 followers. It was 1997, and I wasn’t thinking of attracting an audience more than my friends, and potentially friends of theirs.

From Livejournal, there was Napster, and then Friendster, building out profiles of ourselves on the web. We were so innocent then, posting personal information, and just about anything we thought was interesting on our pages, regardless of the potential future impact it could have on our lives. When that wasn’t enough, we built our own websites to host our own content. Facebook and MySpace started while I was in college. Content I had written for years was being replaced by college friend’s daily ramblings with images fit into small, carefully designed containers. Classmates would ask if we could “friend” each other.

Then came Twitter. Twitter- what was this character limit? What could I really say in a sentence? 

And Instagram- Did I really have imagery to post about my life, daily, that would interest people? Why couldn’t I just get my creative writing out there the same way I had done before? My friends were becoming more concerned about the people who were following them, than the content they were posting. What were the top hashtags? What were trending topics? We didn’t even know who was following us or why, we would laugh at the crazy names and locations that our new followers came from. 

In a time where we are inundated by the amount of sources we can pull information from, blogs and podcasts now feed us the information we want, tailored to our interest. So here I am, writing a blog, and thinking about what I can potentially write about. For my next blog post, you’ll just have to wait and see!


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