ATLARGE builds brands. In the age where a print ad with a catchy headline isn’t enough, it’s the meaningful and memorable experiences businesses create with their customers and clients that resonate, build loyalty and ultimately results in retention.

Traditionally, account managers are thought of as sales people. At ATLARGE, we’re service people. We’re actively looking for ways to have a positive impact on those we work with and for every day. 

My first foray into customer service was behind the Guest Service counter at a Target in Phoenix, Arizona. If you step into my way-back machine, I’ll take you to a day where landlines ruled the world, if you wanted a coffee you had to go to Food Avenue (Starbucks had only 116 stores at the time), and you had to have a receipt for a return (there was no looking up a transaction by your credit card number).

It was still impossible however to not leave a shopping trip at that store without spending less than $75 and coming home with throw pillows you really didn’t need. This is by design, and even more so today, as your shopping trip is enhanced with a Caramel Frappuccino, lower shelving, brighter lighting and more open space in each department.

Target has done an amazing job of creating a shopping experience, inviting you to wander every aisle and take home those throw pillows you still don’t need. At the check-out lanes, you don’t even need to take out your wallet. Just pull up the Target app on your smartphone that’s already in hand, the cashier scans your barcode, tells you how much you saved using your Cartwheel and REDcard discounts -- and voilà, you’re out the door.

So now you’ve gotten home and realized that Christmas sweater you bought your dog (it was positioned on an enticing end-cap and is so cute -- with a matching hat) is a bit too tight after Thanksgiving leftovers and you need to take it back for a bigger size. Back to the store you go. Guest Service is located near the entrance and easily located.

The difference today versus those few years ago I worked there? The walls are a vivid shade of red, the lights are bright white and the counters are no longer bar height. Seems like a simple change, but it’s a brilliant one. There is no longer an imposing wall between you and the White Walker behind the counter who could make or break your day.

Instead, there’s a low, waist-high counter where you can see the smiling faces welcoming you to step-up and receive the help you need. The customer service here started at the experience, before you even spoke to an employee. 

So, what do new throw pillows have to do with Account Management? It’s simple, the little things matter, details are important. 

The power of service cannot be understated. ATLARGE account managers are focused on people and their experiences – our team members, our clients, their customers.


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