The National Crazy Holiday Creating Bureau (if that’s a real place, we totally want to visit) probably wasn’t thinking craft beer when they dubbed March National Craft Month, but they also didn’t specify that that’s not what they were thinking, so we’re just going to roll with it.

So, happy National Craft Month! Let’s talk craft beer and how we helped craft the Oak & Stone brand to unveil a place where dreams come true.

Oak & Stone’s Story.

Joe and Brett created the Oak & Stone concept around the type of place they would want to go hang out. A place that lets you pour your own beer, charging you by the ounce so you can try different things without fully committing. A place where there isn’t a bad seat in the house and there’s always a TV in sight. The type of restaurant that puts macaroni and cheese on pizza. (Told you. Dreams do come true.)

Bartenders pouring beer at oak and stone

Enter atLarge.

Oak & Stone has a fun, unique story to share, and we were brought on board to help them do just that. From creating a website, to art directing photoshoots, to shaping their marketing message, we’ve been on board with them the whole way.

That’s the atLarge way. We view each brand as a living, moving being with a story to tell. And then we tell that story! Everyone goes through strategy to get to execution. Research, situational analysis, journey mapping, brand discovery... we do it all and come back with a 360-degree approach to marketing goals and initiatives.

Friends at a table toasting over a meal

It’s taken a lot of pizza and craft beer along the way, but it’s research we’re more than happy to do.


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