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National Puppy Day: Our Work with Petco

Did you know that March 23rd is National Puppy Day? We sure did. And now you do too! At atLarge, we know a thing or two about pups, not only because a lot of us are pet parents, but also because we’ve done some pretty extensive work with Petco.

A few of our favorite projects that come to mind...


Scheduling sucks. It’s messy, confusing and, unless you’re using fun, colorful sticky notes, it’s not very fun. Enter AppointVets, a recruitment scheduling system for PawsPlus and its clients.


This platform was a win for us (and Petco!) because it:

  • Streamlined their processes
  • Created new opportunities for all involved
  • More efficiently allocated internal resources

Lifestyle Assessment Tool

Paper’s cool and all, but so are trees. So, how do you create a paperless paper trail? Let us introduce you to our little friend: the lifestyle assessment tool. It tracks your pet’s medical journey so you don’t have to.

lifestyle assessment

What did this email system do for Petco?

  • Bridged the gap, shortening the paperwork process
  • Harvested relationships, reuniting the brand with the customer
  • Allowed them to stay on top of client care

We’ve done lots of great work with Petco and look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

(Inspired? Click here to work with/for us.)

And speaking of pets, meet some of the furry/feathered friends of atLarge!

atLarge pets   atLarge pets   atLarge pets   atLarge pets   atLarge pets