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We're on the Lookout for a PHP Developer

First, here’s what you’ll need to do in order to be considered: 

    •    Email us at [email protected] (thoughtful subject lines can make a difference)
    •    Attach your resume in a PDF format
    •    Include your portfolio in some format (sample projects with context around your involvement with code samples are preferred)

It takes something special to be atLarge. Beyond the necessary skill set, we are looking for someone who is motivated to uncover and explore new technologies, but also knows how to handle legacy applications.

We’re a company of leaders working together to produce amazing results. We need a team player that can also take ownership of a project and deliver the goods from start to finish. We are a small but fierce company that communicates a lot, so bring your best communication skills.

 Think you may be a fit? Here are a few dead giveaways:

    •    Extensive knowledge of PHP, obviously
    •    Experience in frameworks like Drupal, Wordpress, Symfony2, etc.
    •    MVC and OOP are common nature and undeniably essential
    •    Deep familiarity with traditional relational databases like mySQL
    •    Thorough understanding of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
    •    Most of your workflow has been automated through command-line tools

You’re a PHP Professional with a capital P. Want to score a few bonus points on your resume? Here’s what’ll do it: 

    •    Mastery of JavaScript through platforms like AgularJS
    •    Regular contributions to open source projects by committing code and/or testing
    •    Experience with mobile technologies like Ionic and Titanium
    •    Delving into new technologies and frameworks is routine
    •    You play well with others
    •    Chasing down the impossible is a way of life

Up for the challenge? Here’s a taste of what you’ll be doing: 

    •    Applying technical and programming skills to projects and underlying tasks
    •    Participating in project planning and status meetings
    •    Researching technical approaches to development requirements
    •    Working collaboratively on strategic approaches to problems
    •    Working with creative teams on technical approaches
    •    Applying atLarge and platform-specific standards to development tasks
    •    Following through on committed deadlines and estimates
    •    Setting, reaching and exceeding committed career milestones

atLarge’s corporate offices are located in Sarasota, Florida but our search is not restricted to the area -- candidates for this position may live and work where they want.