Here at ATLARGE, we strive to be different, to be innovative, and to be inspiring. As an ATLARGE designer, I strive to bring the best experiences in environment and interactivity for users… digitally and physically.


A day in the life

When most people think of designers, they usually don’t include "fitness" as a key descriptor. What comes to mind is most likely hunched backs from hours at a desk and T-Rex arms for easy access to the keyboard; desk jockey.

I tend to stray from the stereotypical when it comes to this. As someone who takes the time to exercise multiple times a week and strives to be fit and healthy, in addition to being a dedicated designer, I often find myself at a crossroads between my love for fitness and the idle routine that comes with being a designer. It's easy to find myself sitting for hours at a time, acutely aware of how much I am not moving. The traditional desk and desk chair work life weren't really cutting it anymore.

Cue the search for a better desk experience.


On the Hunt

As a user myself in this situation, I considered what I wanted from a workspace and seating alternative. I wanted a brand that other customers enjoyed, a something with uncomplicated technology, and, of course, a display of great design. After raking the internet for several days, I ended up finding an ergonomically designed kneeling chair. A kneeling chair that could rock.

I was so excited with the find and immediately brought it to start using in my workspace. After around two weeks, I saw my posture start to change. I was sitting up straight everywhere; in the car, at restaurants, even at home in my pajamas. Just taking notice of this made me feel so much better.



These new, positive outcomes also came with some not-so-great side effects, however. I started to have a lot of muscle soreness and pain in areas I didn't know existed. All these muscles that weren't activated with the use of a standard office chair for so long were finally getting some use. After about two weeks, the soreness dissipated, and I had the best posture I’ve ever had in my life. People even took notice…mostly little old ladies; (they’re not hard to come by in south Florida).

I was feeling good about my kneeling chair. I could activate my core muscles if I knelt, I could sit when I was tired, or rock back and forth when I felt the need. Eventually, I wanted more, though.


innovative desk solutions

I was always looking for ways to be more active outside of my workouts at the gym. Spending basically only 90 minutes every day moving seemed ridiculous to me. I was essentially sitting or laying down for 22 hours a day with only a small window of moving around in the morning. I discovered how easy it was to overlook how many hours in the day are spent being sedentary when stuck in a busy cycle.

It was time to upgrade. Little did I know that the ATLARGE collective was one step ahead, as usual.

I was pleasantly surprised when I came into ATLARGE one Monday morning to find four new electric-adjustable standing desks situated in our office space. I immediately claimed one for myself, ready to start an improved desk experience.

I could dance, tap my feet around, stretch out my quadriceps, and sway to my heart’s content, keeping my muscles moving while I stood. It wasn’t long before the other three desks were claimed, and since then everyone has seemed to be enjoying themselves…or maybe they were just laughing at me wiggling around to early 2000s trashy goth rock.

With the positive feedback from the four test desks, we are well on our way to turning the entire office into a convertible standing desk and spinal health utopia.


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