What do you do with lots of real-time data? You increase fan engagement and reduce costs through automation.

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When your audience is a bunch of gear-heads who crave data and want it in real-time, you figure out a way to take the feeds you have and convert them into an engagement tool.

For years AMA has collected and published data at Supercross races, but we helped them see another way. We created a leaderboard that provided real-time race stats and results to users via an interactive app on their existing website.

With happy(ier) fans, we didn’t stop there. Using the existing database, we created custom scripts to automate everything on the website that needs to happen before, during and after a race, reducing our partners internal costs. Their fans got their data and results in real-time, and staff got over 8 hours back every race weekend. A real win, win!

+10k Increase in Site Users

On non-race days!

+46% Site Increase

In international users