All Faiths Food Bank.

All Faiths Food Bank, a member of Feeding America, approached ATLARGE for brand identification following previous research from an outside consulting group who identified inconsistencies between their mission and current brand.

Our Initiative.


Despite its reach, All Faiths’ name recognition, awareness, and understanding of who it is and what it does were inconsistent among the general community. Their branding and communication strategy was disjointed and there was a general misconception in the community of what a food bank represents. ATLARGE was tasked with creating a clear brand personality for the organization while implementing a cohesive communications strategy and revitalizing their marketing efforts.

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All Faith's Food Bank Truck
All Faith's Food Bank Business Cards


Our Response.


We focused on All Faith’s mission and primary goal when revitalizing their brand – ending hunger. Similar to previous rebranding work on their Campaign Against Summer Hunger, our team worked to bring life to a brand that previously utilized melancholic, emotionally-heavy tactics that didn’t inspire their audiences. We looked to disrupt the conventional norms produced by food banks nationwide. We wanted to produce a brand that would evoke and foster a human emotional connection with its community.

All Faith's Food Bank

Ending Hunger.


We relied less on their actual name – All Faiths Food Bank – and heavily on their driving mission:  to end hunger in our community. We created a brand that was light-hearted, colorful, and provided the brand mark All Faiths was looking for. Within the icon, you might visualize a carrot and a beet, the shape of a heart, or a beacon of hope from the torch tucked away in the middle of the mark.

All Faith's Food Bank
All Faith's Food Bank



As the brand evolved, a strategic communications plan was taking place while a full marketing overhaul was blended within the development department. Restructuring of how and why they told their story needed to be addressed. Working with All Faiths, we interviewed over 20 marketing and creative professionals to find the team to execute on our plan. We hired and trained the new staff to produce the message and vision needed to deliver on our new brand. 

Through strategic consulting, we created a fourth-quarter campaign to solicit support. The ThankFULL campaign aligned the community with their mission to end hunger through targeted campaigns throughout the holiday season. ThankFULL Tummies addressed the need for healthy meals during the Thanksgiving holiday while ThankFULL Hearts tugged on heartstrings during Christmas-time. 

Marketing Equation

The Big Finale.


Our team transformed All Faiths into an organization that positively positioned their campaigns to initiate support. We updated their content to make it more uplifting, targeting current donor platforms while reaching for new donor opportunities. We also reformulated the brand to give it a bold, definitive identity, incorporating bright colors, a revitalized logo, and a new campaign story. Equipped with a new 360-degree marketing plan, All Faiths implemented their Campaign Against Summer Hunger and ThankFULL campaigns as refined brands inspiring local impact. The campaigns, which had never advertised in Southern Counties, reached communities in Venice, expanding their donor base.

35K children served
2.2M meals given
15% increase in children served since 2016
188 summer partners
All Faith's Food Bank