Vetco Clinics at Petco.

With more than 50 years of service to pets, Petco is a leading pet-specialty retailer that is committed to delivering healthy and happy experiences for pets and the people who love them, implementing widely used services such as their Vetco Clinics. Petco and Vetco are both dedicated to creating a positive and trusted relationship by providing the products, services, and experiences to keep pets happy.

Our Initiative. 


Vetco and ATLARGE recognized the growing industry need in collecting accurate data and took that knowledge as an opportunity to acquire insights efficiently. Traditionally, this was collected through a Lifestyle Assessment Form, a paper-based questionnaire completed by the visitor that would collect insights and data to allow veterinarians to carry out their work effectively. Our team utilized customer journey mapping to discover and understand the emotions of not only the pet lover, but the pet itself, at various touch points. With this process came discoveries that lead to new avenues of relationship building between the pet and its veterinarian. 

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Vetco & Petco

Our Response.


A large part of Vetco’s business is dependent on contracting substitute vets for its clinics, which was an inefficient process when it came to a simplified user experience. We utilized our expertise to streamline the experience for each visiting vet, while sustaining the company’s efforts at appointing the best vets in the country. As a result, a recruitment platform for Vetco’s clinics was created. Vets would now be able to view all positions available with details such as time, accessibility, and location. They would be able to bid for clinics they want to work in and could leave a review of their experience. In turn, Vetco would be able to read the reviews of vets applying for its posted jobs. In the end, we successfully enabled a collaborative recruitment system, not only between Vetco’s clinics and the pets, but with veterinarians.

A Personalized Approach.


ATLARGE also helped digitize Vetco's data-collecting process, allowing it to become self-service while enabling Vetco to gather relevant information that could be used toward customer lifecycle marketing. We created a personalized approach in communications tailored to the pet through email strategizing, which aligned pet-health advocate content with data points triggered by customer actions. Our team also mapped the possible email journeys for each type of pet, replicating the messages a local vet might send to its pet patient at different stages in their visits. Based on the action taken from each email, the visitor would move into a distinct messaging path, prompting new calls-to-action.

Email iPhone designs

A Lasting Impression.

Their Results

Throughout our relationship, ATLARGE has carried out many digital projects to pave the route for Petco's Vetco Clinics and their success. We have seen our partner grow from a market leading chain, to a diverse and highly individualized user experience that not only fosters trust, but also diversified service offerings. As its strategic partner with insight into the industry and a passion to bring innovation, atLarge has helped bolster the Vetco brand, solve business problems, and streamline internal processes.